Research by the University of the Aegean *: The vast majority of Greek society wants the establishment of shared parenting

In a sample of 1349 people (of which 71% women, 30.5% married, 14% divorced) 73% believe that the father is equally capable to the mother with regard to parenting/ custody of the children, while 86% believe that the state must enact laws on shared parenting. No differences were observed between the views of legal professionals participating in the study in relation to non-lawyers.

These data reproduce the findings of a study ** from the United States, which shows that 86% of public opinion in Massachusetts and 90% in Arizona are in favor of shared parenting after a divorce. In both Massachusetts and Arizona, there is a legal presumption (ie. obligatory) of shared parenting after a divorce. In addition, 70% of adults who grew up as children of divorced parents consider shared parenting with equal time with each parent as the best solution ***.

The argument that Greek society is not “ready” to implement shared parenting for children after a divorce is absurd. The acceptance of shared parenting by the Greek public is at levels corresponding to countries where it is already enacted. THE IMMEDIATE ESTABLISHMENT OF SHARED PARENTING IS A REQUIREMENT OF GREEK SOCIETY.

“Active Dads, for the Rights of the Child”

* (2015, σελ. 173-199)

*Fabricius, W, et al (2010) Arizona State University, USA. Custody and parenting time: Links to family relationships and well-being after divorce. In M. E. Lamb (Ed), Role of the father in child development (5th ed.). New York: John Wiley.

***Fabricius et al (2000) Arizona State University, USA

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