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01 Dec: Co Parenting and High Conflict

Separating Former Marital Disputes from Ongoing Parenting Responsibilities Posted May 15, 2012 THE BASICS How Parenting Affects a Child’s Development Find a family counsellor near me It is often assumed, by legal and mental health professionals alike, that when divorcing parents are unable to come to an agreement in regard to parenting arrangements for their children, and remain locked in high conflict, shared parenting…

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01 Dec: Panhellenic Poll: Public opinion overwhelmingly 89% in favor of shared physical custody of children after a separation

OBJECTIVE : The non-profit organization ACTIVE DADS FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD   assigned Focus Bari S.A. to conduct a Panhellenic Telephone Survey to an adult audience, in order to obtain information on the views of Greeks on the issues of parental equality and child custody as well as answers to questions about whether Greeks decide which politicians to vote for or not, influenced…